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  • Wed 10th May 2017

    Neuroscience Young Investigator's Day Winners 2017

    Congratulations to the following Graduate Student and Postdoc winners of the 2017 Young Inverstigator's Awards!

     Scroll down past the list for more information on our award winning Neuroscience members.

    Graduate Students

    Jonathan Grima – Jeff Rothstein’s lab

    The Paul Ehrlich Research Award

    Mutant Huntingtin Disrupts the Nuclear Pore Complex


    Kai Liu – Seth Blackshaw’s lab

    The Mette Strand Research Award

    Lhx6-Expressing GABAergic Neurons of the Zona Incerta Promote Sleep


    Shuohao Sun – Xinzhong Dong’s lab

    The Alicia Showalter-Reynolds Research Award

    Leaky Gate Model:  Intensity-Dependent Coding of Pain and Itch




    Graham Diering, PhD -  lab of Richard Huganir

    The Daniel Nathans Research Award

    Homeostatic Scaling of Excitatory Synapses During Sleep


    Sung-Eun (Sam) Kwon, PhD – lab of Daniel H. O’Connor

    The Albert Lehninger Research Award

    Cortical Circuits for Touch Perception

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