Richard Huganir PhD

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience and Psychological and Brain Sciences and Director Department of Neuroscience

Present Predoctoral Trainees 

Casey Barber, 2015 -  present

Biological Chemistry


Tim Gamache, 2017 - present



Richard Roth, 2012-present


Han Tan, 2013-present

Biological Chemistry


Adeline Yong, 2014-present

Cellular & Molecular Medicine


Elena Lopez Ortega, 2015-present

Cellular & Molecular Medicine

Present Postdoctoral Trainees

Yoichi Araki, Ph.D. 2007-present
Alexei Bygrave, Ph.D. 2017-present
Haiwen Chen, Ph.D. 2018-present
Shu-Ling Chiu, Ph.D. 2008-present
Huaqiang Fang, Ph.D. 2010-present
Hana Goldschmidt, Ph.D. 2015-present
Austin Graves, Ph.D. 2017-present
Seok Heo, Ph.D. 2013-present
Ingie Hong, Ph.D. 2013-present
Natasha Hussain, Ph.D. 2009-present
Bian Liu, Ph.D. 2012-present
Kacey Rajovich, Ph.D. 2018-present
Kamal Sharma, Ph.D. 2005-present
Mengnan Tian, Ph.D. 2012-present
Qianwen Zhu, Ph.D. 2017-present


Lab Staff

Rich Johnson--Research Associate

Sarah Richardson--Reseach Specialist

Ashely Irving--Lab Manager

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