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George Uhl MD, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Neurology

Telephone Number: 410-550-2843
Fax Number: 410-550-1535
Molecular Neurobiology Research Branch
333 Cassell Drive, Suite 3510
Baltimore, MD 21224
Room: Bayview, Triad 3rd Floor
Graduate Program Affiliations:

Neuroscience Graduate Program

Complex Genetics of Addictions and Related Phenotypes

The Molecular Neurobiology Branch has developed and used genome wide association and other approaches to identify allelic variants that influence addiction and related phenotypes. Other phenotypes of current interest include ability to quit smoking, cognitive abilities, brain volumes, pain, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's diseases in humans and in mouse models. Recent work has fostered the working hypothesis that allelic variants in gens including those that encode cell adhesion molecules provide individual differences in the development and/or plasticity of the brain that confer parts of the common genetic vulnerabilities to a variety of complex brain disorders.  We also remain interested in following up prior successes in identifying the genes that encode drug and neurotoxin target sites and genes that are regulated by abused substances.