Other Diversity Efforts

In 2018, Hopkins Neuroscience sent two faculty representatives, the director of admissions and a faculty member of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, to a workshop on holistic admissions at the University of Maryland to learn and develop ways to reduce bias in our admissions process.

Workshops for first-year students are held twice a year with the Student Assistance Program for help with stress reduction, academic help, and general counseling to support all students, including students from underrepresented backgrounds, in thriving while in graduate school in Hopkins Neuroscience.

The Neuroscience Department and the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion has introduced discussions about diversity at Hopkins into the programming for visiting PhD applicants.

The Neuroscience Department contacts program advisors in the biological sciences, psychology and related programs at colleges nationwide serving students from underrepresented backgrounds to provide information and to encourage students to apply to our graduate program.

In 2018, the Student Diversity Committee began leading the discussion on issues of diversity included in the required first-year course, Rigor, Reproducibility, and Responsibility in Science (ME:440.819)