Outreach at Hopkins Neuroscience

The students in the Department of Neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are involved in a variety of outreach initiatives and programs.

Through these programs, our students foster relationships within Johns Hopkins, Baltimore and the broader community. This webpage provides a centralized site where interested prospective and current students and postdoctoral fellows can find information about some of the ongoing outreach efforts and the ways students and postdoctoral fellows become involved with their communities outside the laboratory. The variety of organizations allow students and postdoctoral fellows to become involved with organizations that fit their interests and their schedules.

  • Project Bridge
  • Baltimore Brain Series
  • Biomedical Scholars Association
  • Johns Hopkins Science Policy Group
  • Baltimore Underground Science Space
  • Biomedical Odyssey blog
  • Reading Partners
  • Science in the Sticks
  • Thread
  • MERIT Health Leadership Academy
  • Biotechnical Institute of Maryland and The Maryland Tech Connection