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At the Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins, we have established a rich, exciting, and collaborative environment for conducting top-notch research.  With 35 primary faculty, and 65 secondary faculty appointments, we investigate a multitude of topics ranging from synaptogenesis to circuit functions, from Drosophila olfaction to mouse vision, from glial-neuron interactions to hippocampal signaling.  On these pages we hope you will get a taste of Neuroscience research at Hopkins, and perhaps join us in our pursuit of excellence. 

Faculty Highlight

Nicholas Marsh-Armstrong

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Gene regulation, development and disease of the vertebrate retina.

Focus on Research

Neural Ensemble Mechanisms of Learning and Memory

PI:David Foster Ph.D

 Research in the Foster laboratory focuses on how large populations (or “ensembles”)...