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At the Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins, we have established a rich, exciting, and collaborative environment for conducting top-notch research.  With 35 primary faculty, and 65 secondary faculty appointments, we investigate a multitude of topics ranging from synaptogenesis to circuit functions, from Drosophila olfaction to mouse vision, from glial-neuron interactions to hippocampal signaling.  On these pages we hope you will get a taste of Neuroscience research at Hopkins, and perhaps join us in our pursuit of excellence. 

Faculty Highlight

James Knierim

Professor of Neuroscience

Neurophysiology of Memory in the Hippocampal Formation

Focus on Research

Cellular/molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity underlying memory formation and cross-modal plasticity

PI:Hey-Kyoung Lee Ph.D

Our daily experience can trigger lasting memories, which are stored in our brains. Memories are stored...