How to Apply

Admissions Requirements

Applicants should have a B.S. or B.A. Recommended courses for entry into the program include mathematics through calculus, general physics, general biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry.  GRE's are not required.

Laboratory research experience is desirable.  If you have research experience, please indicate this in your personal statement and indicate the number of months engaged in full-time research.

Three letters of recommendation, transcripts of undergraduate grades and a statement of interest are required.  Applicants may upload transcripts to their online application for review.  Applicants who receive an offer or accept an offer of admission must submit official transcripts to OGSA via mail or electronically to:

The deadline for submission of completed applications including letters of recommendation is December 1st (this is an earlier deadline than other graduate programs at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine).

All candidates will be notified of the Admission Committee's decision by April 15.

When feasible, applicants will be invited to visit The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine campus before a decision on admission is made.

If you are interested in our joint program with Janelia Research Campus please indicate your interest by including in your persoanl statement a list of one - four Janelia Group Leaders with whom you would like to complete your thesis research, and, briefly describe your interest/goals in doing research in these labs. 

Our next round of interviews will take place on January 30 - 31, 2019.
This is the only date that we will interview, so please make a note of it. 

Candidates are accepted only for fall admission. Candidates for the MA degree are not accepted. 

Graduate Program How to Apply:

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  • Application Instructions

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