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Every day, scientists exercise exceptional creativity as they pursue answers to the most fundamental unsolved problems in how the brain works. Our research is unlocking ways to better understanding neurological function, health, and mental and behavioral health. It is also leading to major pharmacological breakthroughs that may one day lead to cures in such debilitating degenerative brain diseases as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The potential of basic research has never been greater. Federal research funding for neuroscience research, traditionally our primary source of support, has decreased at the same time scientific innovations have led to exciting new discoveries. Private giving has never been more vital to fill the funding gap and to augment public and foundation funding.

The Impact of Giving

  • Discovery of opiate receptors, a key to understanding addiction
  • Groundwork laid for much of polio vaccine research in finding differentiation of nerve cells that were resistant or sensitive to viral infection

These historic accomplishments took place here, at Johns Hopkins Neuroscience. They were achieved with the financial support of individuals, like you, who share our vision: scientific discovery, improved human health and medical leadership for the world.

A single gift in 1873 from our founding benefactor, Johns Hopkins, helped give birth to a revolution in American medicine. Today, new insights, therapies and cures begin with steps that your philanthropy initiates.

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Private philanthropy is our hope for the future

From seed grants to endowments, gifts to underwrite the creative work of basic scientists at Johns Hopkins will have a tremendous impact. Philanthropic support has never been more critically important than it is today, nor has the potential return on investment been greater.

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