Reza Kalhor PhD

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics, and Neuroscience; Core Member, Center for Epigenetics
Telephone Number: 410-614-4150
Fax Number: 410- 614-9819

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Center for Epigenetics
855 N. Wolfe Street
Room: Rangos 575 (office), Rangos 580 (lab)

Lab Page
Areas of Research
Developmental Neuroscience

Graduate Program Affiliations

Biomedical Engineering Program

Neuroscience Training Program

Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology (BCMB) Graduate Program

Mapping brain development, activity, and connectivity

Research in the Kalhor Lab seeks to better understand continuously dynamic biological processes, such as embryonic development and brain activity, by recording cells’ experiences in their genomes. To accomplish this objective, we develop: (A) molecular technologies that write cellular experiences into their nucleic acids, (B) sequencing strategies that read out written information with high spatial resolution, and (C) computational methods that reconstruct the underlying biological processes based on recorded information. We combine these recording approaches with multi-omics strategies to study brain development as well as its connectivity and activity. 

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