Jay Baraban MD, PhD

Professor of Neuroscience

Telephone Number: 410-955-2499
Fax Number: 410-614-6249

The Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
725 North Wolfe St.
Baltimore, MD 21205
Room: Hunterian 803
Areas of Research
Cellular + Molecular Neuroscience
Neurobiology of Disease

Graduate Program Affiliations

Neuroscience Training Program

Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Plasticity 

The ability of the microRNA system to regulate protein translation in the vicinity of synapses indicates it is well-positioned to play a central role in regulating synaptic plasticity.  Accordingly, we are focusing on understanding how this system regulates synaptic function.  In particular, we have identified the translin/trax RNAse complex as a key regulator of microRNA processing and are using genetically engineered mice that lack this complex to understand its role in neuronal function.  For example, these mice display defects in responsiveness to cocaine and in certain forms of synaptic plasticity.  Using a combination of behavioral and molecular approaches, we are conducting studies aimed at understanding how the microRNA system regulates these processes.  

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