Jay Baraban MD, PhD

Professor of Neuroscience

Telephone Number: 410-955-2499
Fax Number: 410-614-6249

The Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
725 North Wolfe St.
Baltimore, MD 21205
Room: Hunterian 803
Areas of Research

Graduate Program Affiliations

Neuroscience Training Program

Neuroscience Education

I am involved in undergraduate and graduate education in neuroscience at Hopkins.  For undergraduate neuroscience majors, I co-direct the Diseases and Disorders of the Nervous System elective with Dr. Dani Smith.  In this course, leading experts present an overview of a major neurological or psychiatric disease along with the latest developments in their field.  I also teach a seminar style course entitled Great Discoveries in Neuroscience which covers key breakthroughs and how they were made.  This course covers classical insights such as the Cajal’s formulation of the neuron doctrine and Loewi’s discovery of chemical neurotransmission, as well as more modern topics such as endocannabinoids, leptin, and prions.  In addition, I supervise the Neuroscience BS/MS program which allows highly qualified neuroscience majors to spend a full year doing intensive research.  For graduate students, I give several lectures in the NeuroCog sequence.  For first year medical students, I run one of the neuroanatomy lab sections and also give introductory lectures on neurotransmitters and synaptic plasticity   


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