Joshua Vogelstein PhD

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Telephone Number: 410-516-8775

Clark Hall, Rm 317c
3400 N. Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21218
Room: 317C Clark Hall
Lab Page
Areas of Research
Systems, Cognitive + Computational Neuroscience
Neural Circuits, Ensembles + Connectomes

Graduate Program Affiliations

Biomedical Engineering Program

Neuroscience Training Program

Our central motivation is to understand animal and machine intelligences, and in particular how learning and memory arises in such systems. We believe that all intelligences operate under certain shared principles, much like all matter and energy are governed by certain principles. By determining these foundational principles, we can increase the rate at which we understand and improve intelligences.

To do so, we design, build, study, and apply statistical machine learning and big data science techniques. The tools we develop and utilize follow some basic design principles, including philosophical (validity, uncertainty), statistical (consistency, efficiency, robustness), and computational (scalability, tunability); see this blog post for details. While we don't fully understand how intelligence works, we do have some current working hypotheses, subject to revision given new data or theories.

See our website at for more information.

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