Michael Miller PhD

Bessie Darling Massey Professor and Director of Biomedical Engineering; University Gilman Scholar; Director, Center for Imaging Science; Co-Director, Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute

Telephone Number: 410-292-9696

Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering
3400 N. Charles Street
Wyman 400W
Baltimore, MD 21218

Lab Page
Areas of Research
Systems, Cognitive + Computational Neuroscience

Brain mapping, computational anatomy, pattern theory

As a biomedical engineer who specializes in data science, Miller is pioneering cutting-edge technologies in computational medicine to understand and diagnose neurodegenerative diseases. His research focuses on the functional and structural characteristics of the human brain in health and disease, including Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and epilepsy. By developing new tools to analyze patient brain scans, derived from advanced medical imaging technologies, Miller aims to predict the risk of developing neurological disorders years before the onset of clinical symptoms. His lab is currently devising cloud-based methods to build and share libraries of brain images—and the algorithms used to understand them—associated with neuropsychiatric illness. Miller’s research is highly translational, and he has co-founded four start-up companies in the past decade.







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