Michael Miller PhD

Bessie Darling Massey Professor and Director of Biomedical Engineering; University Gilman Scholar; Director, Center for Imaging Science; Co-Director, Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute

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Selected publications:

1. Younes L, Albert M, Moghekar A, Soldan A, Pettigrew C, Miller MI (2019) Identifying changepoints in biomarkers during the preclinical phase of Alzheimer’s disease. Front Aging Neurosci 11:74

2. Tang X, Ross CA, Johnson H, Paulsen JS, Younes L, Albin RL, Ratnanather JT, Miller MI (2019) Regional subcortical shape analysis in premanifest Huntington’s disease. Hum Brain Mapp 40(5):1419-1433.

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4. Tward DJ, Brown T, Patel J, Kageyama Y, Mori S, Troncoso JC, Miller MI (2018) Quantification of 3D tangle distribution in medial temporal lobe using multimodal image registration and convolutional neural networks. Alzheimers Dement 14(7):1291.

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