Paul Worley MD

Professor of Neuroscience

Former Lab Members

Anthony Lanahan       Associate Research Scientist Yale

Kanato Yamagata       Project Leader Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science 

Katrin Andreasson      Professor Neurology and Neuroscience Stanford 

Paul Brakeman           Associate Professor of Pediatrics UCSF

Walter Kaufmann        Adjunct Professor Emory Department of Human Genetics

Wendy Yee                 Usability & User Experience Lead, Philips Healthcare (Medical Devices), Seattle, Washington

Cynthia Tsui               Nephrologist in clinical practice San Leandro, CA

Gregory Lyford           Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine Springfield, MO

Joseph Yuan              Assistant Professor University of North Texas Health Science Center

Jean Regard              Senior Project Manager Novartis

Chester Moore III       Patent Attorney San Francisco 

Richard Cho               Senior Development Scientist Cell Signaling

Shoaib Chowdhury     Instructor and Faculty Montgomery College

Carsten Hopf              Professor and Head of Applied Research Center Mannheim

Guo Huang                 Assistant Professor UCSF Biomedical Sciences 

Shin Kang                  Assistant Professor Temple University School of Medicine

Jing Wu                      Staff Scientist NIH/NHLBI

Sang Jeong Kim        Professor and Director Department of Physiology Seoul National, University College of Medicine

Connie Smith-Hicks   Associate Professor Pediatrics JHMI Kennedy Krieger 

Sungjin Park              Assistant Professor Neuroscience University of Utah

Jason Shepherd        Associate Professor Neuroscience University of Utah

Hiroyuki Okuno          Lab Head Kagoshima University Department of Biochemistry

Jia Hua Hu                Staff Scientist NIH

Ali Bangash               Postdoctoral Fellow University College of London 

Youn Na                     Samsung Scientist

Steven Zeiler             Assistant Professor Neurology John Hopkins Medicine

Po Yu Chen               Cowen & Company Investment Banking

Bo Xiao                      Professor Neuroscience Chendu University and SUSTECH

Desheng Xu               CEO CogNext

Tao Xu                        Professor Anesthesia Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Sunggu Yang             Assistant Professor Incheon National University Korea