Thu 26th January 2017

Dr. Knierim appears on SfN Podcast: tip and tricks to publishing

This Society for Neuroscience podcast takes the listener through the process of publishing a paper, starting from the initial conceptions of the experiment through to the final publication.  Viewpoints from both the authors of the paper and journal editors are explored.  In episode 2, starting at ~10:00, Jim Knierim, a former Reviewing Editor of The Journal of Neuroscience, discusses the sometimes tricky balance between trying to “sell” your work in order to make it appealing to a broad audience while not also over-selling the work by overinterpreting the results or making promises in the introduction that are ultimately not delivered in the results.  He also emphasizes the importance of careful preparation of a manuscript before submission.

Listen to the Peril of Publishing Podcast episode on Neuroonline

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