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  • Mon 17th March 2014

    The Wu lab describes new sleep gene in Neuron and on NPR

    In the April 2nd issue of Neuron, the Wu Lab reports the identification of a novel conserved molecule that mediates the circadian timing of sleep in Drosophila.  The timing of sleep is regulated by the circadian clock, but the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood.  From a large scale screen, Liu et al. identified a novel molecule, WIDE AWAKE, that translates timing information from the molecular clock to modulate the excitability of arousal promoting clock neurons.  WIDE AW...

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  • Thu 13th March 2014

    Dr. Bergles discusses the roles of glia in the nervous system on the latest Brain Matters Podcast

    On the latest episode of Brain Matters, Dr. Dwight Bergles talks about the diverse functions of glia in the nervous system. Click here to go to Dr. Bergles' podcast....

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