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  • Mon 31st December 2018

    Publications - December 2018

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  • Tue 4th December 2018

    Dr. Hyungbae Kwon’s laboratory to join the Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University of School of Medicine 2019

    Dr. Kwon will join the Johns Hopkins Department of Neuroscience community in summer 2019, where the laboratory research focus will be to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of experience-dependent neural circuit modification using mouse model systems. His research uses cutting-edge imaging/physiology techniques such as two-photon imaging/uncaging and optogenetics at the level of synapses and circuits to define molecular and physiological mechanisms in synapse/circuit development. Dr. Kwon is one of just ten scientists awarded an NIH Directors’s Pioneer Award in 2018. His grant of $6.8 million was awarded to conduct research on the light-based mapping of human emotions.
    Dr. Kwon received his Ph.D. in Dr. Pablo Castillo’s lab at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and postdoctoral training with Dr. Bernardo Sabatini at Harvard Medical School. During his postdoctoral period, he used laser-based optics to understand mechanisms of excitatory synapse formation at single synapse resolution.

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