Thu 2nd March 2017

Neuroscience graduate student selected as 2016-2017 Fred and Ruth Kort Young Scholar

SiYing (Sally) Li, a first year graduate student in the Department of Neuroscience, has been selected as the recipient of the 2016-2017 Fred and Ruth Kort Young Scholar Fund.  Fred and Ruth Kort Young established this award to support outstanding first-year graduate students.   

A little more about Sally:

I am from Toronto, had great experiences in a math and science high school program there. Did my undergrad in Montreal: I loved the Neuroscience research community at McGill, so starting a graduate program in Neuroscience was an easy choice. I'm interested in how neural circuits dynamically represent and transform information to direct behaviour.

So far I've rotated in Alex Kolodkin's lab (looked at Nrp2-mGluR6 interactions in the context of retinal circuits), currently in Jeremiah Cohen's (recording from mouse OFC during behaviour to model  evidence accumulation of value).

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