Thu 14th April 2016

Wendy Yue wins the Michael A. Shanoff, Young Investigator's Day Award

Congratulations to Wendy Yue, a neuroscience BCMB student in King-Wai Yau's, for winning the Michael A. Shanoff, Young Investigator's Day Award 

Mentor: King-Wai Yau

Project Details: One of my projects was to study how the retina, the only tissue known to ignore the body’s circadian rhythm, keeps itself on schedule. Our team found that the retina uses neuropsin, a protein found in nerve cells and responds best to UV-A, to keep itself synchronized with the external light-dark cycles. Learn more about Wendy's work and the King-Wai Yau Lab.

What’s Next: I shall stay as a postdoc in King’s lab to finish some work and then move onto a postdoc position in another lab. 

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